May 2021, Hogar Santa Ana report

By Maria de Elizalde de REynolds – President of the NGO owner of Hogar Santa Ana

Rosita with her vaccination Carnet
Hello Friends of the Hogar Santa Ana:
We have great news!!! After a long year of really being extra careful of whom we let into our Home, due to the COVID risk, we are happy to announce that we have received our first dosis of the COVID vaccine. We wont let our guard down, but nonetheless, it allows us to breathe easier.
We decided to celebrate the event, and also that during this year, none of our residents got COVID. At the celebration, we enjoyed the performance of our residents that participate in the choir, and we also had an arts exhibit.
We are still going through difficult times because Buenos Aires is still under partial lockdown, and we cannot hold our usual fund raising events.
Hopefully, next report will find us with more freedom!
Thank you for your ongoing support.
María Reynolds
Celebrating 1 year of no Covid at the homemCelebrating 1 year of no Covid at the homem
Home Choir performing in our celebrationHome Choir performing in our celebration

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