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April 2021, Hogar San Jose report

By Maria de Elizalde de Reynolds – President of the NGO owner of the Hogar San Jose

Hello Friends of the Hogar San José,

COVID 19 has come back with a vengeance. Our girls started school in the first week in March, but it only lasted for a month. We are back in lockdown due to COVIDs second wave.

We were lucky to enjoy our summer though. We had our swimming pool repaired and were able to enjoy it the whole summer. Thanks to a donation, we also started a carpentry workshop, and it is so much fun!

Right now, we are back in virtual learning, which is kind of difficult when 24 girls want to access internet at the same time. So we go step by step.

We are still going strong in our cooking and selling “alfajores” and “budines”. Our girls cook them themselves, and then go out and sell them. This is giving them some tools that will come in handy when they leave the home and must be self sufficient.

We have a weekend trip still to enjoy, a volunteer that visits the Home often has invited our girls to Zarate, which is 2 hours away, close to the river. We will be able to ride on horse back, go fishing, and just relax. We will head there as soon as lock down is lifted. Lets hope this happens soon.

Vaccination in Argentina is still scarce. We are hoping the girls care takers can get vaccinated so that we can secure the best care for our girls, without running any risks.

Thank you for helping us help these girls!


Having fun in the pool
Having fun in the pool
Our carpentry workshop
Our carpentry workshop

Emma and Maria
Emma and Maria

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